Production Department

KONPET PLASTIC PACKAGING is realized with the consciousness of offering "special designs" to the customers of the designs of bottle and lid molds. These molds, which are full and true to their needs, are produced in the shortest time and most meticulous manner in high technology CNC machines.

KONPET is proud of being able to meet customer requests with bottles and covers produced with this understanding. In this chapter; known as the packaging of our time; alternative products for cosmetics, chemistry, healthcare and home use are offered. PET bottles from 15 ml to 1000 ml are produced with narrow and wide mouth PET packages. KONPET Injection Department; With advanced technology, with full automatic machine systems, plastic products are produced from 0.5 gr to 500 gr. All kinds of caps, plugs, cosmetic containers are produced.

 Continuous system development and improvement

  Provision of all employees' participation

  Corrective / Preventive action

  Inner control

  Cooperation with suppliers

  Understanding and meeting customer requirements is essential.

  Customer Focus


  Process Approach

  Continuous Improvement

  Cooperation with suppliers

  Understanding and meeting customer requirements is essential.

  Customer understands demand and expectations

  Establish communication channels to hear customer expectations within the organization

  Manage customer relationships