Our company KONPET PLASTIC was established in 2009 in Konya. Despite its establishment as a small-scale operation, it has been recognized in the packaging industry for a short time thanks to its importance and hardship to achieve quality from the first day it was established and never gave up its principles. Our basic principles are respect for our work, diligence in our work, providing the best service to our customers, producing solid and low cost jobs with good quality. KONPET PLASTIC, which adopts the principle of achieving customer satisfaction by offering the highest quality service under the most economical conditions, responds to the packing demands that companies will exhibit their products with its expert staff.

KONPET PLASTIC, working with the principle of honesty and quality in service, will continue to serve you today and in the future by thanking you for your close interest and support.

MISSION The quality of the product is important in the sale of a product, the quality of the packaging is also important. Good packaging; as well as increasing product sales; keeping the product intact, product description and easy-to-use features, as well as the confidence of the consumer. KONPET is one of the few organizations that can serve you at this point.